Be in the know with H2O!

Plain water has zero calories which helps with weight maintenance, prevents constipation, protects us from overheating, keeps our minds alert, transports nutrients, and provides structure to cells and tissues. Most Americans do not drink an appropriate amount of water for their bodies’ needs. It is critical to maintaining processes in the body and without it, a person’s life would cease.

Most people realize that they need to drink water daily, but the task of hydrating seems daunting to some when they think they need to down 8 glasses of water to meet their daily needs. There are numerous other drink and food options that can help make hydration more palatable.

Best liquids to consume:

  • Coconut water– Low in calories and high in potassium. Great substitute for sports drinks.
  • Fruit infused water– Adds color and taste to your water. Infuse overnight for extra flavor.
  • Herbal teas– Natural and caffeine free. Great hot or cold.
  • Milk– If you do well with dairy, it provides an excellent source of energy, protein and an array of vitamins and minerals.

Best foods to consume:

  • Cucumber– Eat unpeeled to maximize nutrient content.
  • Iceberg lettuce– Not a powerhouse for fiber or folate like dark greens, but high in water content.
  • Celery– Only 6 calories per stalk and provides loads of fiber.
  • Watermelon– Contains lycopene which has anti-inflammatory properties.

*FYI-Try drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to stimulate intestinal movement, flush out toxins and provide hydration to start the day off right! (Add lemon to the water to give it an extra boost) Cheers!