Adrenal / Cortisol Imbalances / Fatigue

Chances are if you are reading this, you are experiencing (or have recently experienced) one or more of the following:

  1. Wake up tired and never feel refreshed (outside of those cups of coffee that are your life saver).
  2. You feel worthless/no drive at all after only mild exertion or activity.
  3. You struggle with concentration and memory, feeling like you are in a ” fog.”
  4. You feel absolutely exhausted through the day but you cannot get good sleep or even a good nap.
  5. Your joints ache like you have the flu but you are not sick.
  6. You have the dreaded feeling like “you are being buried alive.”

If this is the case, I sympathize with you.

This must be very frustrating.

I also imagine your partner, family and friends have a hard time understanding how you feel.

They might say, Well I am exhausted too.”

Or they might say, “This is boring, I think you should get better now.”

Know that I hear you.

I have heard these same stories before from other sufferers just like you.

And I am here to help.

But first you need to understand one thing: your traditional medical doctor is asking the wrong questions.

Your condition requires a different approach. An approach that looks at you as an individual, not a set of symptoms.

A Functional Medicine Doctor, who is trained and willing to ask the right questions, will look at your condition beneath the surface, “getting to the root cause,” to figure out why you can’t regain your lost energy – instead of treating the symptoms one by one.

Specific blood work, laboratory diagnostics, and state-of-the-art medical testing are all part of my approach here at Wilmington Functional Medicine. Once the data is in, I can determine the real CAUSE of your problem and develop a game plan.

Combining this cutting-edge research with medical advances help me help patients just like you…

Get out of the fog.

Get back on your feet.

HIlary with PatientGet your life back.

Because there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to get well and no one is able to help you get out of the hole you’re in.

I am here to help. I have helped many frustrated patients over the years who came to me with chronic fatigue. In every case, I start with asking what is the cause of this person’s symptoms. I then works tirelessly to come up with the answers. And finally create a game plan that is designed to empower the person to get better by fixing the cause of the problem.

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Hilary Rutledge, DABCI

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