Treatment Tailored to an Individual

We Treat Individuals, not Diseases.

It doesn’t get any simpler that.

Here at Wilmington Functional Medicine when someone comes in with Diabetes, we don’t just get out our “magnifying glass,” asking questions related only to their symptoms and then ordering lab work just to see that person’s blood sugar and A1c levels.

A diabetic is a whole person. 

With a physical, dietary, emotional and history. 

And possible problems with toxicity, allergies and infection. 

Along with a work, family, and exercise (or lack thereof) background.

Here at Wilmington Functional Medicine, we ask all of the right questions. We then set up that person (who happens to have Diabetes), with a team of coaches that will help guide them towards maximum health. To push them towards their goals. To hold them accountable for their own health.

For you are not a diabetic in our office. 

You are Mr./Mrs._________, who happens to have a challenge with diabetes at the current time. And your treatment plan will not be the same as Mr./Mrs. Adams who happens to have a diabetic condition at the current time as well.

We Treat Individuals, not Diseases.