Providers Who Listen

How frustrating is it to go see a Doctor, tell them what is going on with you, and only have them focus on one small part of what you said, if they focus on that at all? Seems like the Doctor already has a preconceived notion of what is going on or what the treatment should be and they don’t take everything into account.

This is why you are still struggling and suffering with your condition.

Your Doctor(s) up to this point have not taken the time to figure out what is going on based on:

  1. A complete history (actually listening to you),
  2. An extensive evaluation,
  3. Ordering the correct laboratory testing/ blood work,
  4. And then of course the most important part of all: 

Asking the right questions!

Chances are your Doctor(s) did not check all of these boxes. And that is why you are reading this.

We do.

Whether you’re struggling with diabetes, thyroid issues, depression, reflux, weight gain, fatigue, infertility….

We will ask the right questions.

We will give you 100% of our expertise AND effort in getting to the correct answers. Because getting people well is our passion. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiling, thankful face of a grateful patient who is finally getting results!