Maximizing Health

What is health?

No seriously. Have you thought about that?

What….Is….. Health?

Is it merely the absence of symptoms?

If that were the case, then how do you explain a perfectly healthy person who goes out for a run and suddenly dies of a massive  heart attack? If they were symptom-free, they were perfectly healthy, right? Nope.

How about that person we’ve all heard of, who was just such a joy to be around, always active and “healthy.” And then one day they’re diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and their dead in months? Was that person healthy? Nope.

Actually, health is a state of:

A. Complete physical,
B. Complete biochemical,
C. Complete mental/emotional,
D. And complete social well-being (not merely the absence of disease or infirmity).

So that begs the next question:

How do we know if we are healthy?

And that is where we come in. 

You see, there are 3 foundations to, not just health….but,

Maximum Health.

Your body’s structural (physical), dietary (nutritional), and mental (emotional) states determine how healthy you are.

And it is this foundation on which we base our 6 Steps to Wellness/Health.

  1. Structural Integrity
  2. Proper Diet / Correct Biochemical Imbalances
  3. Emotional Health/Well-Being
  4. Allergy De-Sensitization
  5. De-Toxification
  6. Remove Infection (especially chronic)

Someone who comes in with gut problems / reflux will be treated in our office using these 6 Steps to Health. Someone who comes in with a thyroid problem will be treated in our office using these 6 Steps to Health.

Infertility? Diabetes? Anxiety? IBS? Allergies?

6 Steps.

And until you address all of these six steps, it is very likely that something is being missed.

It is something that your Doctor has missed up to this point.

It is why your condition persists and you are not healthy.

And it is why we do what we do.